Another week, another recall in America.  Is it just me, or do recalls seem to be getting out of hand this past year?

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Check out these recall stories out just recently:

This is the most recalliest of recall years I can ever remember.  What is going on with the FDA?  Our Auto industry?  This signals a broken system in our country.  I digress.  Now on to the latest recall in the United States.

Toyota is recalling RAV4 SUV's across Montana.  According to Associated Press:

Toyota announced that it is recalling almost 2 million RAV4 SUVs in the United States.

  • The recall includes Rav4 SUV's from 2013 to 2018
  • Some Replacement 12 volt batteries can move during forceful turns and maybe start a fire.  The battery could move if the hold-down clamp isn't tightened properly and it could cause the positive terminal to hit the clamp and short circuit
  • Toyota is working on a fix
  • Owners of RAV4s will be contacted by late December for repairs
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The repair looks like it might be as simple as changing out the hold-down clamp, battery tray and positive terminal cover.

Have Any Fires Been Reported?

Toyota declined to answer the question

Is There Any Way To See If My Rig Needs Repairing?

Yes.  Go to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Website and enter your vehicle identification number.

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