All my life I've heard the debate whether a Chevy or a Ford is the best pickup.  I've even seen some pretty good voice raisers go down in the bar when people have a couple of cold ones and get a little too riled up about which pickup is the best.

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My late husband was a Chevy man.  It's ironic that the transmission on his Chevy was out when he died.  And the paint was chipping.  It was only about ten-fifteen years old, barely a teenager in pickup years.  Just sayin'.

I grew up with a daddy who loved his Ford pickups.  (For the record, never once did a tranny go out or the paint chip, but I digress.)  I even learned to drive in a 1970 Ford.  My dad had that thing for 30 years.  What a rig that was.  PLUS, we had an old Ford pickup from the 50's on the farm my dad made into a sprayer.  It was super cool.

I decided to find out for myself which way Montana really goes when it comes to buying a pickup, either used or new.  I used the most highly scientific method available to a radio announcer who writes articles; Google searches, and 2 websites who did the same Google search as I did, KRON4 and Freep.

The most Googled new pickup in Montana is:

The Ford F-150, of course.  It's been the best selling pickup for over 40 years.

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The most Googled used pickup in Montana is:

The Ford F-150, of course.  Again, it's been the best selling pickup in America for over 40 years.  In fact, the Ford F series is the best selling pickup in THE WORLD.  Chevy Silverado is a very distant second.

#1 In The World

Ford Recalls 2 Million F-150's Over Seat Belt Issue That Causes Fire
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#2 In The World

Two GM Pickups Receive Worst Crash Test Ratings
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Hopefully, I have single-handedly put this to rest.  Something tells me I haven't.

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