If you go back the last seven to ten years in Great Falls, we've had A LOT of businesses close.

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Businesses that offered a wider variety of choices for everyone that lived in or came to Great Falls for shopping.  Stores like K-Mart, Shopko, Herbergers, Victoria's Secret and Sears. Our latest casualty in Great Falls is Bed Bath and Beyond.  I'm REALLY going to miss it.  It got me thinking, what can we put in that store?  The mall is so close to death, that the right business could literally be the difference in life or death for the mall.  It doesn't even have to be a department store.  It could be a restaurant as well.  Just getting people to the mall is step one to revitalizing it.

I came up with a list of stores or restaurants I'd like to see go in the old Bed Bath and Beyond location.  I was thinking while I was putting it together, there's really no reason we can't have nearly all of these in the mall right now.  It's got the space for it. I think the sparsity of the mall as it sits, is hurting the other businesses because going in there is a lot like visiting a ghost town.  It's so eerie and empty and quiet.

Before I give you my gallery, I'm going to let you know that it is filled with chain stores and chain restaurants. I know that that's not very popular with a portion of Great Falls residents.  I'm also a resident, and I want these .  I'm tired of being publicly shamed for wanting the stores and restaurants you can get in almost any other city of our size or smaller in Montana. There are a lot of us that want affordable clothes, food, gadgets and dining options. These places provide that for those of us that aren't loaded with money, but still enjoy a splurge or two now and then.  It doesn't make us bad.

Stores and Restaurants I'd Like To Have In Great Falls

Businesses That Could Go In The Old Bed Bath And Beyond Location In Great Falls

37 Bed Bath & Beyond Stores Closing By The End of February 2022

According to CNN.com, 37 more stores were just added to the list of Bed Bath & Beyond locations that are closing. Below are the stores that have already started liquidating and will be closed by the end of February 2022.


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