What Is The Latest FDA Recall Affecting Montana Residents?

Seems as of late there have been a rash of recalls issued by the FDA that are affecting everyday Montanans.

Most of the recalls have been food related after making a few people sick.

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While this latest recall won't kill you, it could cause permanent damage to you eyesight, going so far as to leave you blinded.

It might seem like a scare tactic on the FDA to issue this dire warning but it turning out to be a bit of a scary situation.

The FDA first issued this recall on the 27th of October, but just yesterday they updated it to add more stores and brands, so this is something that we could see growing as we learn more.

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A woman using eye drops

Over The Counter Eye Drops Sold In Montana Recalled

That's right the seemingly innocuous over the counter eye drops that millions of people use especially around spring and fall allergy season potentially could leave you with partial vision loss or even full blindness.

It's not just one brand either, it's a bunch of different brands sold at numerous stores located in Montana.

Here is what the FDA had to say about this latest recall,

These products are intended to be sterile. Ophthalmic drug products pose a potential heightened risk of harm to users because drugs applied to the eyes bypass some of the body’s natural defenses.

FDA recommended the manufacturer of these products recall all lots on October 25, 2023, after agency investigators found insanitary conditions in the manufacturing facility and positive bacterial test results from environmental sampling of critical drug production areas in the facility. FDA also recommends consumers properly discard these products.

To see the brands and locations of eye drops sold in Montana check out the gallery below. 👇

FDA Recalls Multiple Eye Drop Brands In Montana

The FDA has issued a recall of over 20 different brands of eye drops sold at various Montana locations, check your medicine cabinet for these brands today and be sure to throw them out.

Gallery Credit: Nick Northern

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