Ford is issuing a recall on some 870,000 Ford F-150 Pickups, according to Reuters.

What Vehicles are Affected by the Recall

Ford F-150 pickups made from 2021-2023.  There are around 870,000 on the road right now.  The recall covers pickups with a single exhaust system.

What is the Reason for the Recall?

The electronic parking brakes could activate while you're driving, due to a wiring issue.  It's said that contact with the rear axle housing may damage the wiring harness and cause the break to activate on it's own, even while the vehicle is driving.

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How Many Vehicles has it Happened to?

There have been 918 warranty claims and three field reports for the wire chafing condition in the United States.

So far, Ford has received 299 claims of the parking brake activating on it's own. Nineteen of those reports state the vehicle was in motion at the time the parking brake activated.  Ford has said that they're unaware of any accidents being caused by this defect in the pickup.

There's a warning that will flash telling the driver that the emergency brake is activating.

How Do I Know if my Pickup is One of the Recalled Pickups?

If it's a single exhaust system Ford F-150 from the years 2021-2023, you may want to get a hold of your local Ford dealer.  You can also click the link here to check.

Ford has also sent out letters to owners of the Ford F-150s that are included in this recall.

What is Ford Doing to Fix the Issue?

From Reuters:

Dealers will install a protective tie strap, tape wrap and replace the harness as necessary


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