More Food Recalls in Montana, What Is Affected Now?

In just a few weeks, Montana has seen food recalls broadcast to everyone.  Whether you are trying to skip out on a diet with a cake, or you wanted to make your grandchildren a grilled cheese sandwich, there was something amiss.

Now it seems, food producers are dealing another blow to customers who are trying to enjoy the last vestiges of their summertime fun.  Ice cream is now listed in Montana as being recalled.

Which States and How Many Are Affected Across America

The ice cream maker Life Raft Treats has issued a recall across 39 states in the US, including Montana.  The original recall was issued in August, but as recently as September 23rd, the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control said another lot has tested positive for listeria.

The products listed specifically in the recall include:

  • Life Raft Treat Not Fried Chicken Ice Cream
  • Life Raft Treat Not Fried Chicken Ice Cream Bars
  • Life Raft Treat Peachy Ice Cream Treats
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What Is Listeria and Why Should I Be Concerned About This Recall

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention define listeria as a bacterium that can cause an infection when eaten.  And while the cases are few, about 1,600 across the US, they are more dangerous for pregnant women, seniors, and those with compromised immune systems.  Even with few cases reported, it is one of the more deadly bacteria, killing near 260 people each year.

If you have purchased any of the above with a best buy date of August 24, 2024, you are encouraged to throw it out.  You may also return them to the store you purchased the product at for a full refund.  If you have more questions, you can email the company here, or contact them via phone at (843)-695-9806.

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