Looking back on my articles, I still haven't figured out what everyone wants to read. There are no hard and fast rules as to why an article succeeds or fails.  Personally, I think we just get lucky.  Someone somewhere resonated with what was written, then shared it to like minded people and it takes off.  There's no rhyme or reason.  It's luck of the draw.

Before I write about my most read articles of 2023, I wanted to do a piece on articles that didn't get read much, and I thought they might.


My Articles With Little Or No Reads In 2023

The first one I want to show you was quite surprising.  Generally, articles like this get a lot of traction.  Not this time.

This next one makes the list because I want to prove a point, that I will make after I reveal the article.

I wanted to point out this article because I did one that was nearly the exact same thing: 10 reasons you should never move to Great Falls, and it was one of my most read articles of the year.  The difference? Nothing but the title.  Literally the same things in the 7 reasons I love Great Falls are the jokey reasons I give for never moving here.  Negativity wins, EVERY TIME

Next up:

I was really surprised that learning that Times Square was for sale wasn't bigger news.  I guess I'm just strange that way.  UPDATE:  It's still on the market 

says "Read more" with an arrow pointing down

I did think I'd get a lot of reads on this next one: Think again.  I'm just a Montana county geek, I guess.

This next article not only disappointed me, but I was also a bit grossed out that no one cared about this like I did.  After writing this, I'll never use a glass, coffee pot, or ice bucket in a hotel room again.  Never.

And lastly, this article didn't do awful, but it didn't perform like I thought it might.  Growing up with a Mormon mom, the inside of Mormon Temples is elusive.  I thought this would get more peeks, just out of curiosity. Unless you have a temple recommend or go to an open house, like I did, people like us never see the inside of the temples.

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