Fall foliage color changes in Montana.  According to Only in Your State, right now we are in prime viewing time.  Plus, usually in September, the chances of running into a horrific snowstorm are pretty minimal.  Usually.

There was the storm of September 2019.  Read more on that here. 

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I digress.  Let's get back to that fall drive in Montana.  Grab your pumpkin spice and get ready to roll.

Right now, Great Falls and Helena are beginning to see a change in colors.  Want to make a real drive out of it, wait until this weekend and head towards Butte or Billings.  The climate in the state is just different enough that it could be a completely different scene in each place.  If you do decide to go to Butte, maybe make a 3 day weekend of it, and head right in to Idaho for this amazing drive.

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Only In Your State says the very best time to see the fall colors of Montana is October 9th through October 16th.  Why those dates?  Northern Montana will be just past it's peak, (while still showing some impressive colors) while the rest of Big Sky Country is smack in the middle of the fall foliage season.  In fact, you can check this awesome fall foliage prediction map to be sure you plan your drive at the peak of fall in all it's beauty.

Here's a sneak peek of October 16th:


Be sure and plan your trip for maximum fall family fun.  Maybe take the Southwest Montana Chocolate Trail in conjunction with your drive.  Or, pick a few small town restaurants to tickle your fall pallet.  But most important, bring your camera and your favorite people to make a lifetime of memories.

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