Why Doesn't Montana Have A State Dog?

In Montana, where cows still outnumber people, why don't we have a state dog?  There are only 13 states in the union that have a state dog.  Montana is not one of them.  You can check out those states and their dogs here.

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Montana Does Have State Plants, Animals, Fossil, A Song And More

Awesome America had some of this information in one place.  We have a state flower, animal, bird, motto, tree, song and even a fossil.

Ummmm, so dogs are an integral part of farm and ranch life in Montana.  Not to mention the thousands of in-town dog owners and lovers.  Why in the big sky haven't we designated an official state dog?

Have I Mentioned Montana Is Home To One Of The Most Famous Dogs EVER?

Old Shep memorial Fort Benton Montana
Tammie Toren

Fort Benton is home to one of the best good boys to ever live in Montana.  Old Shep.  Seriously, when your home is home to one of the most loyal and loving dogs EVER, maybe we, as a state think about how important dogs are to our way of life.

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I Have Some Ideas

As a dog lover, I do have a couple of favorites that I'd like to throw in the hat.

  • Black Lab: Is there a better dog in the world? We had a lot of these on the farm.  I think they're one of the best dog breeds out there.
  • Blue Heeler: I've never had one of these dogs, but the Blue Heelers I've known are very good working dogs and loyal friends.
  • Collie: If we're talking Montana dogs that are the BEST, I defer to Old Shep, setting the standard in the Treasure State.
Montana State Dog Candidates
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Come on, Montana. It's time to honor our best good friends with a Montana state dog.

Montana State Plants, Animals, Fossil, and Song

Montana State Plants, Animals, Fossil, and Song

Gallery Credit: Tammie Toren

I gave you a few of the answers. Now, try your hand at this quiz:

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