Where I Grew Up, Everyone Had Gun Racks In Their Pickups

Growing up in Choteau, it was quite common to see work pickups with gun racks in the back window.  My dad always brought a 22 with him.  He'd use it to shoot gophers or snakes or whatever it is my dad thought needed shot at the time.  But that's pretty common practice on a farm or a ranch.  Remember, most animals that are native to Montana would just as soon you were dead as to look at ya.

Montana man holding rifle

Almost Everyone I Know Has A Gun or Two In Their Home

Almost everyone. The people I know who don't have a gun in their home have very small children.  It doesn't matter your political affiliation, it doesn't matter what church you go to and it doesn't matter if you're male or female.  Most of the people I know in Montana own at least one gun.

Is Montana Highest In the Nation For The Number Of Guns In The Home?

That's a pretty good question.  I wouldn't even know where to start to properly guess, so I went to the experts in ranking at City Data.  Surprisingly Montana is NOT in the top 10 in America, but we do crack the top 15.

Montana gun cabinet

 What County In Montana Has The Highest Number Of Guns In The Home?

City Data sites Yellowstone County with the county in Montana having the most guns in the home.  This makes sense since Yellowstone County houses our biggest town, Billings with a metro population of nearly 130,000 people. Billings sits at number 15 on their list.

Here Are the States Where the Most People Are Giving Up Their Guns

The website Wall St 24/7 went through the data from the ATF and found the states that are giving up their guns the most.

Gallery Credit: Nick Northern

32 States With Laws to Take Guns From Certain People

The 2nd amendment is very important for Texans. However, it's very possible Texas could follow other states and take guns away from certain law breaking citizens.

Gallery Credit: Canva

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