You've Seen This Building Off Central West On Bay Drive In Great Falls

I have driven past this building, quite literally, my entire life.  In the time I've been alive, it's been in different stages of age and care.

1 bay drive Great Falls Montana
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I Think This Would Be A Really Cool Restaurant/Club

I've always thought this would be a great setting for a nice bar/restaurant.  It would also be an epic place for a club.

Imagine going out to supper and getting a table by a window facing the river?  Talk about neat.  Or, the huge dancefloor that would be possible in this building with a WIDE OPEN floor plan. (I'll have that for you below)

Granted, with the business ideas I've had comes the parking question. Where would there be parking for something like that?  I'm pretty sure as nice as they are at Payless Furniture, they wouldn't want to share their parking lot with a restaurant or a club.  Totally understandable.

Who Will Buy This Iconic Downtown Building?

Great Falls Seems To Have A Plan For Bay Drive

I saw the building for sale on Remax for 1.2 million dollars. They include drawings of what Great Falls is hoping happens on Bay Drive.  well as a business in the building I've been talking about.

Bay Drive plans great falls montana
Remax of Great Falls//Canva

What About Traffic?

I love that Great Falls is finally trying to take advantage of our river access.  It's absolutely beautiful, it's an absolute draw to Great Falls, and Great Falls has historically not made too much of it.

Thing is, that place in particular is kind of a bear when driving.  There's no way to turn left there, you have to circle back and go around Payless.  That's probably something that needs some consideration.

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Empty Building, 1 Bay Drive, Great Falls, Montana

1 Bay Drive, Great Falls, Montana

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