Stores Are Closing All Over America Due To Shoplifting

The last year or so on the news, we see stores like Walmart shutting down locations in major cities due to their losses from shoplifting.

Shoplifting Makeup

What Happens If You Get Caught Shoplifting In Walmart?

According to Aisle of Shame, it depends on some different things:

  • Your age
  • What you were stealing
  • If you've been caught stealing before
  • What state you shoplift in
  • Your status as a Walmart employee

If you ARE a Walmart employee that's caught stealing, you will most likely be terminated. If you are a customer, this is what could happen:

  • Receive a warning
  • Receive a temporary ban from Walmart
  • Receive a permanent ban from Walmart
  • Misdemeanor shoplifting charge
  • Felony Shoplifting Charge

First Time Offender/ Less Than $25 Worth Of Items

  • Walmart is not likely to involve the police, and you are likely to get some kind of ban from the store.  That ban is left up to the discretion of the location.

Repeat Offender/More Than $25 Worth Of Items

  • It's highly likely that Walmart will call the police and press charges against you.

What Constitutes Felony Shoplifting In Montana?

According to Criminal Defense Lawyer:

Up to $1,500 in stolen property is a misdemeanor in Montana.

Any theft of items worth $1,501 or more is considered a felony in Montana


What Is The Overall Most Stolen Single Item?

If you scroll through the gallery, you'll see this category at #5.  BUT, the number one most stolen item in America


Honestly, I can't even imagine stealing something like a Beef Shoulder.

Ten Most Stolen Items From Walmart 2024

Ten Most Stolen Items From Walmart 

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