People Make A Lot Of U-Turns On Tenth Avenue South, Great Falls

If you spend any time driving Tenth in Great Falls, chances are you've seen someone flip a U-Turn, especially the further up Tenth Avenue South you drive. The 2 places I think of the most are by Taylor's Automax and up by Walmart.

I had my car in getting looked at the other day and I flipped my own "U-ey" by Taylor's Automax, and I wondered to myself, is that even legal?

Montana u-turn sign

Are U-Turns Even Legal In Montana

Actually, yes, U-Turns are legal.  From Schmoop, to make a legal U-Turn:

  • Make sure there is no traffic for about 200 feet in residential areas
  • You can make a U-turn across a double yellow line, but not a triple yellow line
  • Unless you see a "No U-turn" sign you can make a U-Turn at most intersections

Where You Should Never Make A U-Turn:

  • On or near railroad tracks
  • Anywhere a "No U-Turn" sign is posted
  • On A One-Way Street
  • In front of a fire station
  • In a corporate area with busy alleys and parking lots
Montana no u-turn sign

The Most Posted "Never Make A U-Turn If" I Found:

If a vehicle or vehicles are coming at you and you could get hit.

Sometimes instructions like that make me wonder.  It's kind of like labeling your clothes with "not safe to eat".

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