No matter what a radio announcer or tv person tells you, numbers are our life.

a bunch of different numbers in different shapes, sizes and colors

Whether it's the number of people we serve in our market, or the number of people that tune into the station, or the number of the station on your dial, or the number of people that read an article, media people live and die by the numbers.

Most of the time though, we lie to you about that.  We're trained to say "It's all about the music." or "I was born to be a TV weather man."  Kind of like when you say, "I don't listen to the radio" or "I don't listen to your station.", and we say something like, "That's cool." (It's really not cool.  Not listening to the radio is not cool at all and it's time someone said it.) Anyway, it's all  lies.

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It's time to count down my most popular articles of 2023, by the numbers. I'm going top 15 because I have some things to say to you people.  (Wait, Festivus is over.)

Today, we'll hit articles from #15 all the way up to #9. I'll have another focusing on the top 8.

I still just can not believe you all are reading what I'm writing.  It's still kind of shocking every single day.  This was such a different path than the talking on the radio thing I've done for the last 38 years.  I was pretty nervous about writing. Thank you so much.  I appreciate you.

Top 8 articles coming soon.

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