What.  Is.  Happening?  That's the question on my mind, and a lot of the minds of residents of Great Falls as of late.

We already have the most property crime in the state with robberies happening with abandon in Great Falls as there's no real price to pay for being a thief here.  I've written about this several times.

What's the deal with all the shootings?  Seriously, it's just been a couple of days between each incident lately.

Great Falls is already ranked 6th in the state for violent crime.  Where are we going to be next year in the rankings?

We've had teens shooting teens, a traffic stop turned shootout, then a couple of shootings, one ending in Valier with the shooter committing suicide.  Now, another today.

Every time I write one of these articles, my boss gets calls.  There are some in Great Falls that say the announcers here should only write positive things about the "town they serve" (that's an actual quote)  I'm fortunate in that my boss sees things differently.  We think it's imperative to have these conversations.  There are HARD, UGLY questions that need to be asked, and ANSWERED to fix this problem.  People don't act like this in general if there are actual consequences for these kinds of actions.

I think the people who think I should write only positive things for the "town I serve" need to be thinking about THEIR role in this town we all serve.  What are you all doing to fix our broken little Montana town?  NOBODY is going to move here or bring business here when we have a shooting or stand off every other day.

Avoiding the issue of violence and robbery is working out really well, don't you think?

Have you EVER seen THIS Great Falls? Let us know, Email me here

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