Times are pretty tough on small businesses.  There's the pandemic, higher prices on goods, retail space rent and so many workers died or moved or changed their careers in the pandemic, sometimes good help is hard to find.

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Sadly, I found businesses in Great Falls that closed their doors, or will be closing them forever by December 31st.

We Are Closed Sign

Sorry, We're Closed

We Are Closed Sign

We're talking Great Falls legends like the Loading Zone and The Playground and Buffalo Saloon.  Whether or not you ever went there, it was a Great Falls staple in all kinds of adult entertainment for years.  Perkins, 2 K's Cafe, A Family Affair, The American Bar, MT Pints and The Other Place, known for their great food and even greater service closed their doors earlier this year. And a shout out to Mike's Movies and More, Sherlock's Home the Brighten Up Shop and Game Night Lounge.  Great Falls misses/will miss you dearly. Thank you all.

There are some chains closing too like Fit Republic and Bed, Bath and Beyond.

To all the businesses and employees, we're so thankful for the years of service to Great Falls and the surrounding areas.  It means a lot when you believe in a town enough to wager your personal future on it.

Here's to the best in your future endeavours.  We owe you a debt of gratitude for your help in making Great Falls the cool place that it is.

Great Falls, Montana Businesses Closed In 2022

Great Falls Businesses Closed In 2022

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