Ever wanted to quit your Great Falls job and start an entirely new career?

Ever been stopped from doing that because you can't afford to go to college or you simply do not want to go to college? Not EVERY great paying job has a college degree attached.

I found an interesting article on the FW about high paying jobs in Great Falls that DON'T require a degree.  The cool thing is, there are a lot of great jobs that you can learn with no education in the field AND not all of them require being an apprentice.


Interesting Wage Stats From Great Falls, Montana

The FW did some digging, and here's what they found out about Great Falls:

The median wage for high school diploma recipients is about $809 a week—higher than those without a diploma ($626), but well below the median for bachelor's degree holders ($1,334). But many jobs without college degree requirements still pay decent wages. Some even pay better than jobs reserved for degree earners.

Stacker used Bureau of Labor Statistics data to find the 50 highest-paying jobs in Great Falls that don't require higher education. Professions that listed a high school diploma, some college education (without a degree conferred), postsecondary nondegree award, or no formal education requirements for entry-level positions were considered. Jobs are ranked by their annual median salaries as of May 2022

The wage differences between a high school diploma and someone who doesn't have a high school diploma are worth noting.  It's worth your time to get your high school diploma.  Trust me when I say $732 a month is a lot of money, especially when you make less than a thousand dollars a week.


The cool thing is there are tons of jobs you can do right here in Great Falls, no college diploma, and they almost all come with limited secondary education needed and/or on the job training.

Check out the gallery below, find your new career, and get on the path to a happier, more secure life in the heart of Big Sky Country.

LOOK: Highest-paying jobs in Great Falls that don't require a college degree

Stacker ranked the 50 highest-paying jobs in Great Falls that don't require a college degree, using annual compensation data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Gallery Credit: Stacker

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