I'm Really Worried About Montana

The wackadoodle stuff coming out of Helena the last year or two has got me nervous. There are so many things like the abortion stuff, the kids and the environment stuff, the new law where Montana isn't ALLOWED to take the environment into consideration when making decisions, and the outrageous moves like the attempted TikTok ban.  It seems like a complete clown show in Helena with a bunch of people trying to forward their own agendas.  I'm extremely worried.

Damaged Ballot in Cascade County Montana
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I'm Really Worried About Cascade County

You want to talk Montana political shenanigans, nothing is more ridiculous that the Clerk and Recorder Office scandal in Cascade County this past year. How many lawsuits were filed against the office last year for mishandled elections? How many people didn't get ballots, got the wrong ballot, got damaged ballots or showed up to vote only to have no ballots available? Absolute rascality. All handled by outspoken election deniers and people who hate mail-in ballots.

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Now The Montana Secretary Of State Is In On The Scandal

Montana Secretary of State, Christi Jacobsen, actually sent an email to Cascade County Commissioners to weigh in on who should handle elections in Cascade County. Secretary Jacobsen had me until her last 3 words:

Secretary of State Letter Cascade County Montana
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The last 3 words are completely, totally, and utterly unnecessary to make a valid point.  I feel she's breathing life into the buffoonery that's going on now in Great Falls and Cascade County.

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I, too, think that giving the job to former Cascade County Clerk and Recorder Rina Moore would have been a grave mistake and I also agree it would have undermined voters in Cascade County.

As much as I like Rina, she shouldn't have even been in the running for this position.  I think she was an awesome Clerk and Recorder.  She lost the election.  Doesn't matter if it was 31 votes or 31,000 votes, she lost.  If Rina wants the job again, she needs to run again. Putting her back into that position would have definitely disenfranchised voters.

Conspiracy Theorists and Gas Lighters Are Destroying Our State And Country

If you don't believe this, I think you need to take a look at your surroundings and your news sources. Why are you letting others tell you what to see, think, feel and believe?  There is hardly anything more unamerican and unmontanan than that.

If You Aren't Going To Help, Stay Out Of Cascade County

That goes for everyone who doesn't live in Cascade County.  Give us a chance to clean up this mess without making it worse.

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