Summer Is Festival Season In Montana

Summer in Montana offers a lot of chances to get together with a few thousand strangers, bond over music for a few days, and leave with a few hundred new friends and acquaintances.

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Right off the top of my head, I can think of Headwaters County Jam, Rockin' The Rivers, Red Ants Pants, Under The Big Sky, and Wildlands.

Last year, a new festival made it's mark in Montana.

The Second Annual Old Salt Festival Is Coming At The End Of June

In 2023, Montana saw the first Old Salt Festival in Helmville, Montana. In 2024, the tradition continues June 21st through June 23rd.

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What Is The Old Salt Festival?

"A Montana Food And Music Festival" from

The Old Salt Festival is brought to you by Old Salt Co-op.  It's 3 days of wood-fired cooking, Americana music, Montana ranchers and Western makers from all over the state of Montana

Every day there's a wide variety of food, speakers, music and even workshops to make this a western weekend to remember.

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Did I Mention There's Camping AND Glamping At Old Salt Festival?

Bring your own tent or camping rig, reserve your space and tickets here.

For those of you that would like to try camping, but you'd like it to be more like a hotel, try the Old Salt 3 day Glamping Packages.  You even get a designated shower. Click right here to check out the Glamping Tents and rates.

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Of Course, The Old Salt Festival Offers Individual Day Passes, Too

So maybe camping isn't your thing but you want to try all the other stuff and things at the Old Salt Festival, you can get your day passes here.


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