There Is Another Food Recall Being Issued By The Food And Drug Administration

The FDA and CDC are teaming up with states to investigate a multistate outbreak of E.coli O157:H7.

The infections appear to be linked to Gibson Farms organic walnuts halves and pieces.  The nuts were distributed to many states including Montana, South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho and Utah.

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The nuts were being sold in natural food stores and co-ops, mostly in bulk bins, but not entirely.

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Food Recalls Are Happening Entirely Too Much In America

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of this recall, I would like to suggest that you do NOT just toss this food and be done with it.  These recalls are happening too dang much. If I had these, I would put them in a disposable container and return them to the store and DEMAND a refund.  Too often, consumers are urged to throw the product away without making the companies pay you back.

Food recalls are happening too much the last few years for them to get out of it this easily.  THE ONLY THING corporations hear is their bank accounts. Make yourself heard.

Where In Montana Were These Nuts Sold?

  • Bigfork Harvest Foods/Bigfork
  • Bozeman Community Food Co-op/Bozeman
  • Rosauers Supermarkets/Bozeman
  • Hamiltons Marketplace/Hamilton
  • Rainbow's End/Hamilton
  • Rosauers Supermarkets/Kalispell
  • Foodworks/Livingston
  • Rosauers Supermarkets/Missoula
  • Third Street Market/Whitefish

Where In South Dakota Were These Nuts Sold?

  • Earth Goods Natural Foods/Hot Springs
  • Breadroot Natural Foods Co-op/Rapid City
  • Main Street Market/Rapid City
  • Staple & Spice Market/Rapid City
  • Good Earth Natural Foods/Spearfish
  • Back to Nature Holistic Wellness Center/Sturgis

Where In Utah Were These Nuts Sold?

  • Liberty Heights Fresh/Salt Lake city
  • Redmond Food Store Springville/Springville

Where In Wyoming Were These Nuts Sold?

  • Wind River Mercantile/Riverton
  • Health Nut & Wellness Center/Sheridan

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How Many Illnesses From These Nuts?

According to the FDA, the last illness reported was April 4, 2024. So far, there have been 12 illnesses reported with 7 hospitalizations.  So far, no one has died from eating the tainted walnuts.

Gibson Farms issued a voluntary recall of the walnuts on April 27, 2024.

E. Coli

What If You Have Tainted Walnuts In Your Home?

The FDA recommends that if you have these walnuts in your pantry, do NOT eat them.  They suggest throwing them away and DISINFECTING THE CONTAINER AND AREA the walnuts were being stored in.

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