First Yellowstone Park Injury Of The Year And It's Only April

For the love of all that's holy, WHY is this a thing?

How can people BE so stupid?

I just keep thinking, just because I don't live in Africa, but if I'm on a safari, I'm not going to get wasted and go kick a lion or hippopotamus.

Do you know why I won't do that? BECAUSE THEY'RE WILD ANIMALS THAT DON'T CARE IF YOU LIVE OR DIE. Plus, what a jerk move.

Yellowstone National Park sign

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First Injured Yellowstone Park Touron Of 2024, A 40 Year Old Idaho Man

I had to include his age because, wow.  By 40 you should know you can't take a bison.  As reported by CBS news: The man is from Idaho Falls, his name is Clarence Yoder. Here's what's alleged that Mr. Yoder did in Yellowstone:

On April 21, 2024, Yellowstone Park Rangers were called about a man, about 7 miles into the park, who was allegedly harassing a BISON HERD, and it was alleged that Yoder KICKED A BISON. Then, it's said he was injured by the bison he kicked, because OF COURSE HE WAS.

It Didn't Take Park Rangers Long To Find Yoder And His Friend

Park rangers caught up to Yoder and his companion in West Yellowstone. Yoder was charged with being under the influence of alcohol, disorderly conduct, and approaching and disturbing wildlife. Yoder was taken for medical care for his injuries before being taken to the Gallatin County Detention Center.

Remember This Yellowstone Tourist Who Grabbed A Bison Calf From A River?

His companion, McKenna Bass, was charged with driving under the influence, failing to yield to a police car and disturbing wildlife.

Both men pleaded not guilty when they were in court April 22, 2024. Each charge can result in a fine up to $5,000 up to 6 months in jail.

No information has been released describing Yoder's injuries sustained from the bison he allegedly kicked.

Bison on road yellowstone national park

Again, For Those Travelling To Montana This Year:

Stay, at least, 25 yards from animals that can kill you in Yellowstone AND Glacier Park. You're in their house and they really don't care about you.

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