Cascade County Has A New Elections Administrator

Everyone who reads my stuff knows I have been tough on Sandra Merchant, and with good reason.

two little chalk boards that good or bad

I met her, and I didn't think she was an awful person, she was just an awful elections administrator.

I've written 6 articles about her incompetency.  I will only highlight these to get you caught up:

Lawsuits are piling up at the Cascade County Elections Office

Is it time to remove elections duties from the Cascade County Clerk and Recorders office?

I Was Not The Only Cascade County Resident Worried About Election Integrity


  • On December 6, 2023 The Electric reported that Commissioner Joe Briggs proposed election administrator duties were removed from the clerk and recorders office
  • On December 12, 2023, The Electric reported that the Cascade County Commissioners voted to strip election duties from the Cascade County Clerk and Recorders office.
  • On December 22, 2023, The Electric reported that Cascade County Commissioners had appointed Devereaux Biddick to fill that position while they looked for a permanent election administrator.
  • On January 9, 2024, The Electric reported that Cascade County posted a job description for the new position.
  • The candidates were Rina Moore, Lynn DeRoche, Terry Thompson and Nancy Donovan.
  • February 16, 2024, The Electric reported the Commission voted unanimously to offer the job to Terry Thompson.

I Like This Appointment

Some people in Great Falls were worried that her lack of experience would hinder the very big and very important elections this year.  From The Electric, Jane Weber was quoted as saying,

 (I) was concerned about the tight timelines for the upcoming elections without having experienced staff in the elections office.

Nancy Donovan, also up for the job, said she thought Thompson was a good choice.

I agree.  As much as I like Rina Moore, Thompson is a scandal-proof candidate for the job.  Moore ran great and efficient elections for Cascade County for years.  The problem with Moore is she ran against Merchant in the election, and lost by a hair, 31 votes.  The conspiracy theorists that have become so very vocal in Great Falls would have had a hay day with her appointment.

caution sign with the word elections ahead and a close up of montana on a map of america

Now, Cascade County Can Get Down To Business

This is a pivotal election year for both Montana and America.  I look forward to our elections office digging in and getting it done.  I've heard nothing but good things about Thompson and wish her well in her new position.

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