Montana Has A School Lunch Problem

In a state like Montana, where you can find every food a person needs to survive, how can we be near the bottom of the barrel for nutritious school lunches?

ProCare Therapy Released Results Of An American School Lunch Study

In the State of The School Lunch Report, American states are ranked by lunch quality and nutrition quality.

School Lunch Montana

A Growing Body And Learning Mind NEEDS Nutrition

Before we get into the numbers, I think we all know that a healthy diet plays a large part in the lives of every single living thing.

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First, there's the problem with childhood obesity in America.  Without a rounded diet, it's easy for kids to pack on the unhealthy pounds.

When it comes to tiny humans, getting the right nutrition is crucial.  A healthy diet promotes literal growth and brain development, the proper nutrition can help a student with energy, memory and focus.  Things that are crucial for learning.

In addition to the immediate results of a healthy diet for our growing children, learning to eat healthy foods early on can affect a person their entire life.

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Where Does Montana Fall In The American School Lunch Study?

Are you ready for this? In Montana, the school lunches being fed to our children are ranked 45th in the nation.  45th.  That's just shameful.  Especially considering our resources right here at home.  The only states that do worse than us:

  • 46: Alaska
  • 47: New Mexico
  • 48: Wyoming
  • 49: Idaho
  • 50: Louisiana

Montana School Lunch Fun Fact:

The American School Lunch Study says the most popular school lunch in Montana is a chicken pot pie.  Yum

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