We've Heard The Rumors In Great Falls About Texas Roadhouse, Ross Dress For Less and The Holiday Village Mall

The Electric is reporting some developments in this very dramatic saga.

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First A Basic Overview Of The Situation

In June 2022,  GK Holiday Village:

  • Came to terms on a ground lease agreement with Texas Roadhouse
  • Sent a letter to Ross Dress for Less to notify them of the agreement and ask for their approval and for their consent.
Holiday Village Mall, Great Falls Montana
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Ross did not respond to the letter, so GK Holiday Village sent them another letter.  In July 2022, Ross said they couldn't consent without more information, and they requested that information.

It's said the two businesses talked for a couple of months, and Ross has been accused of trying to leverage the Texas Roadhouse situation to help themselves.

There is also an issue as to where Ross is mailing it's $26,250 a month rent check.

The two businesses went back and forth for months over a number of issues, Ross was evicted, they were sent to mediation in March, and nothing has been resolved.  Get details from The Electric by clicking here.

Judge Elizabeth Best Issued An Order In March 2024

According to The Electric, Judge Best denied the parties' cross motions for summary judgment:

"Although most of the facts recited above are not genuinely disputed, the question of whether Ross unreasonably withheld, delayed, or conditioned consent is a jury question. Likewise, the question of whether Ross breached the lease by unreasonably withholding, delaying, or conditioning consent is a fact issue for the jury,”

Basically, It Looks Like It's Going To Court


What About Texas Roadhouse In Great Falls?

On April 29, 2024 Texas Roadhouse told The Electric, “we do not have any plans in Great Falls at this time.”

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