Radio All Over America Loves Non-Compete Clauses

I have been in Radio since 1986.  Starting in the early 2000's, radio stations started asking me to sign what is called a "Non-Compete".  I know an electrician that also has one of these clauses in his contract.

Basically, a non-compete in your contract says that you can't do the same job you're doing now for a designated period of time in a certain market (or mile radius) from where you are currently working.

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Early 2000's Montana Said NO To Non-Competes

It makes sense. And thank god for it.  We simply don't have enough businesses in the entire state for anyone to be forced to stop working in a certain field.  And really, should someone have to move to do their job if there are plenty of places to do it where they already live?

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For example, if Townsquare Media tried to enforce the non-compete that I signed, I'd either have to get a non-radio job for a certain number of months, or I'd have to move out of Great Falls to stay in my field.  One non-compete I signed years back included the Helena and Shelby markets in where we could NOT work.

That hinders someone's ability to earn a living.

Where I live, there are 3ish radio companies (not counting NPR and religious radio). Of those 3ish companies, there are only 2 that can actually hire announcers and pay them a livable wage.  If I get canned or quit, I literally only have one other choice anyway.  A non-compete makes no sense at all.

The FTC Says No More Non-Competes

Honestly, it's time.  The same can be accomplished with an NDA.

Montana nda

I feel like everyone should be required to sign an NDA.  It's only right to not jump ship and spill the beans to a competitor because you're miffed at your former employer. But, on the other hand, stopping someone from working or suing them for violating a non-compete is NOT ok.

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I think this is a real breath of fresh air.  A ruling that actually benefits workers.  That's a big step in the right direction for corporations-are-people America.

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