Trial Date Set For Montana Public Service Commissioner, Randy Pinocci

Back in October, Jason Laird ran a story on the arrest of Montana Public Service Commissioner, Randy Pinocci.

Read Jason Laird's Story Here

In October 2023, Pinocci was taken into custody in Cascade County on witness intimidation charges that stemmed from a disorderly conduct charge from an altercation in July 2023.

Randy Pinocci mugshot Cascade County Montana
Cascade County Sheriff' Office//Canva

Daily Montanan recently spoke with Pinocci's attorney, Mark Parker of Billings

Parker, who is also representing Montana's Attorney General, Austin Knudson, in a complaint claiming misconduct, is representing Pinocci.  Parker says he hopes the county will drop the complaint against Pinocci because

I just am unconvinced, with what I’ve seen, this matter should have been in criminal court.  But it is. And so it has to be taken seriously.

I’m not suggesting political motivation in this (Pinocci’s) case, but we are scratching our heads why. I tell you, it’s like every case. There’s evidence to support, evidence to confirm, every bias. So you’ve got to be careful.

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What Does Cascade County Attorney, Josh Racki, Say About The Case?

Racki is not the attorney assigned to the case, but he's supervising it.  According to Daily Montanan, Racki wasn't familiar with any new developments that would have the charges dropped.  He said from what his office has seen from witness statements and phone evidence,

we’ve decided there’s probable cause to charge the offense, and so we’re going to move forward with it. Sometimes that changes, but it’s not very often.

We'll keep you updated on the story.

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