The most famous attraction in Yellowstone Park?  Old Faithful Geyser.  The most famous hotel in Yellowstone Park?  The Old Faithful Inn.

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History of Old Faithful Inn, Wikipedia

Built over the winter of 1903-1904, it's said that it's the largest log hotel in the world.  It was built with a lot of locally sourced materials including Lodgepole Pine and Rhyolite Stone, volcanic rocks. The new inn replaced the Upper Geyser Basin Hotel which was destroyed in a fire.

Robert Reamer designed the original structure, and they built on to it in 1913-1914 and then again in 1927.  The original structure was rotated so that a view of the Old Faithful Geyser is framed by the porch entrance.


The Old Faithful Inn Survives

The inn was closed for the entirety of World War II.

In August of 1959, the inn was hit by the Hebgen Lake Earthquake, the same one that formed Earthquake Lake in Montana.  (Read more on Earthquake Lake here.) It collapsed the chimney on the dining room fireplace (Rebuilt in 1985)  and also damaged the one in the lobby.  There were also foundation problems and access to the upper levels was restricted for the safety of visitors.

In 1988, The North Fork Fire got pretty close to the inn, but, again, she survived.

Presidential Guests

1883:  President Chester A. Arthur camped in the East Wing Area.

1903:  President Teddy Roosevelt was there.

1923:  President Warren Harding  enjoyed a stay in the inn.

1937:  President Franklin Roosevelt visited the famous inn.

Staying at Old Faithful Inn

It's not cheap.  Not at all.  Rooms run from the $200+ range all the way up to nearly $1,500 a night.  When you stay matters a lot, and you should reserve your rooms as far in advance as possible.  Click here for reservations.

This hotel is most definitely a national treasure.  Check out these pictures.

Old Faithful Inn, Yellowstone Park

Old Faithful Inn Yellowstone Park

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