Great Falls NFL Fans, The Draft Is Coming

The 2024 NFL Draft starts on Thursday, April 25.

Don't miss a second of the action.  99.9 Big Sky Sports will be running 2 updates an hour every hour from 5pm to 10pm on April 25.  Catch the updates at about :35 and :55 after each hour.  Stream it here

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The NFL Draft Has Been A Tradition For 85 Years

From Operations NFL:

In 1935, it was proposed that the NFL hold an annual draft to even the playing field for recruitment for the teams that weren't cash heavy.  League owners unanimously voted in this idea. The first NFL Draft was held in February 1936 at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Philadelphia.

There was a pool of 90 players.  There were no scouting departments, agents or tv stations covering the event. The Eagles had the first pick in the first draft.  The first player chosen in the first ever NFL Draft was Heisman Trophy winner, Jay Berwanger, from the University of Chicago. Believe it or not, he declined and went on to be a rubber salesman.

That's A Far Cry From The Spectacle Of Today's NFL Draft

Foremost, I think you'd be hard-pressed to find a player to actually turn down a chance to play professional football.

With 24 hour sports coverage from a multitude of sources and players that are super stars, the event has become a monumental moment for both teams and fans alike.

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