Who's Down For A Montana to Wyoming Road Trip?

Lately, I think about going to Wyoming a lot.  I'm not really sure why, but I think it has to do with my re-watch of Yellowstone. I had to investigate things to do in Wyoming.

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Turns Out There's A Lot More To Wyoming Than The Train Station

Travel Wyoming has a whole page of cool things to do, but one thing in particular caught my eye:

The Chugwater Soda Fountain

Chugwater soda fountain wyoming flag
google maps//Canva

This is the oldest operating soda fountain in Wyoming.  Built in 1914, this place has been through a lot.

  • Originally a drugstore & general store with a soda fountain
  • Partially burned and rebuilt in 1916
  • Fountain bar was built in England and installed in Rock Creek
  • In 1927, when the railroad went through, the Rock Creek business was sold and the bar was broken down into 3 pieces and taken to the Chugwater drug store by wagons
  • The mirror and glass are all original
  • Since 1946, there has been a mounted elk on the wall named Wendall. Due to a town petition, no matter who owns the Chugwater, Wendall has a home there.
  • It's a soda fountain and restaurant today
Chugwater soda fountain window wyoming flag
google maps street view//Canva

How Do You Get To Chugwater?

It's not hard. Billings, Hardin, Casper then Chugwater. But it takes awhile.  You're looking at a days drive, at least, depending on where you're headed out of.

Montana to Chugwater Wyoming
Google maps//Canva

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Spend a Night Or 2 In Casper

There isn't a lot in Chugwater, so I looked up Casper, Wyoming.  There is a lot to see and do.  Here's what Visit Casper recommends:

  • Museums
  • Casper Wyoming things to do

    Casper Mountain

    Casper Mountain, Casper Wyoming

    Walk Platte River Trails

    Platte River Trails, Casper Wyoming

    Visit Downtown Casper

    Downtown Casper

    If you do the Wyoming-adventure-to-a-soda-fountain road trip, let us know all about it here.

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    Outstanding Graffiti Train Passes Through Wyoming

    We all see the graffiti on trains that pass through Wyoming.

    But have you ever paused just a moment to look at it?

    A lot is garbage.

    But some of this still can be considered art.

    Even great art.

    Other times it's just an interesting message.

    Grifiti art exhibit on wheels passing through America pauses in Wyoming

    Gallery Credit: Glenn Woods


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