What Makes Reading A Book Such An Adventure For Our Soul And Our Brains?

According to Inc, this is what a great book does to our brains, and it's my favorite thing I've seen all day:

Books can make us smarter, more informed, even more intellectually humble. But one of the most powerful benefits of regular reading is great empathy. Through words you are transported to another's perspective.

Books can take you back in time or thousands of years into the future.  You can see the world, see the universe, in a book.

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What's Almost As Fun As Reading A Book?

Going to one of Montana's celebrated small bookstores and picking out a new title for an all-new adventure.



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Did You Know Montana Has More Book Stores Per Capita Than Any Other State?

According to Montana Free Press, the last time a survey was done was in 2012.  In 2012, Montana had 64 book stores.  That is one book store for every 15,705 people.  Not too shabby.

Have You Heard Of The Montana Book Store Trail?

This is such a cool list of bookstores under the Big Sky of Montana.  Where do you start?  According to the Montana Book Store Trail website, start at the one nearest you.  When you get in the store, ask for your Montana Book Store Trail Passport, and you are on your way to an excellent Montana road trip adventure.  And the stories you'll read will stay with you for a lifetime.


There are plenty of stores on the map, and they're planning to add more all the time.

Facebook Montana Book Trail Stores//Canva
Facebook Montana Book Trail Stores//Canva

Top 10 Books Set in Montana according to Good Reads

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