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In Montana, can you marry your first cousin?

Thankfully, No.  But, now things get disturbing and just a little bit freaky.

You can't marry your first cousin, but, according to Inside Edition:

First cousins in Montana are not allowed to marry, but they can have sexual relations and cohabitate. First cousins once-removed and half-cousins are allowed to marry.

Umm, What in the Jerry Lee Lewis, Montana?  We won't let you get married, but you can live with and sleep with your first cousin and run a pretty good chance of having inbred children, and we'll look the other way.  Cool, Montana, cool.

Family tree showing cousins with a crush

What EXACTLY Constitutes A First Cousin?

From Ancestry:

First cousins are the children of (their parent's) siblings. They share a set of grandparents. First cousins are the same generation as each other. They're both two generations away from the grandparents they share.

In other words, it's your Aunt/Uncle's kid.  Gross.  Seriously.  There's just not enough DNA to go around in this kind of situation.

What EXACTLY Is A Half Cousin Or A Cousin Once Removed?

From Ancestry:

Removed means a different generation. When cousins are in different generations than each other, we say they're removed"Removed" is like “grand” and “great,” but with cousins. 

Once removed means a difference of one generation, twice removed means a difference of two generations, and so forth. If your first cousin has a child, this child is your first cousin once removed.

From Genealogy Explained:

A half-cousin is someone who shares one grandparent with a cousin, rather than both like regular cousins.

For me, this translates to : Too dang close in the DNA chain.  How do you even explain this to your inbred children?

I don't even know how to end this. Don't marry your cousin, ok?

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