Yesterday, Montana, America, The Earth, and maybe even some of the aliens the Congress were talking about, watched as Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell had some kind of a stroke or something on national TV.

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See for yourself right here:

Several things came to mind after I watched that 40 seconds over and over again.

  1. I absolutely DETEST Mitch McConnell, and I thought it was tragic to witness.  It was just stunning to watch it happen.
  2. Why in the funky fresh wasn't he brought to the hospital IMMEDIATELY?
  3. It was the only time in my life I ever felt sorry for Montana's Senator, Steve Daines.  I watched him slowly realize that something was terribly wrong.  The look on his face, and the face of the others present, was nothing short of perplexed and scared.
  4. Why is Mitch McConnell still making decisions that effect Americans?  The man is 81 years old.
  5. Why is the average age of a senator 64.3 years old and the average age of a congressman 58.4 years old?  I ask because the retirement age in America is 62 or 67 years old if you were born after 1960 and want to receive full benefits.

I know you're thinking I just hate boomers.  That's not it.

But, I DO hate that decisions are being made by people who will be long dead when it comes time to live with those decisions.

I DO hate that we are watching people like McConnel, Feinstein and Pelosi deteriorate right before our eyes.

The two lead candidates for president are IN THEIR 80'S or will turn 80 in office.  This makes the candidate for Vice President AS IMPORTANT or MORE important than the presidential candidate.

My generation, Generation X, (You've probably never heard of us as nobody pays us any mind.) has been completely totally and utterly looked over our ENTIRE lives because of boomers and they just won't let go.  They are having strokes while addressing America instead of bowing out gracefully and enjoying what is sure to be a cushy retirement.

It's time for Gen X, Gen Y and the Millennial's to make a stand, vote these guys out and send them to the cushy retirement villas they've all earned a place in.  They have served America well, or wellish, depending how you see it.  Do America one last service, do the right thing. Leave.  It's time

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