It's Vehicle Reservation Time in Glacier National Park

Back in August, we let you know that The National Park Service was asking for public comments on the vehicle reservation system that is fairly new in Glacier National Park.  Since it's inception in 2021, it's been a confusing and frustrating addition to visiting Glacier National Park.

The Flathead Beacon is reporting that it's time to get your reservations in for 2024.

Glacier National park sign with rainbow in background and red hearts

What's New In 2024 To Reserve A Spot For My Vehicle In Glacier National Park

  • Reservations are only needed at the 3 most popular entrances in Glacier Park for the Going-To-The-Sun-Road: Polebridge, Many Glacier, and West Glacier
  • Access to Apgar Village will not require a reservation.  A reservation checkpoint will be set up in Apgar
  • Reservations to each entrance are only good for one day, not 3 days like before

Basic Glacier National Park Vehicle Registration

  • Advanced reservations can be made every day for 120 days out from the date you got on line and made the reservation.  Example: Reservations on January 25th will be good for entry on May 24th.
  • First advance reservations for Many Glacier Valley will be released on March 3.  Next day reservations come on line June 30
  • St. Mary entrance for the Going-To-The-Sun-Road and the Two Medicine entrance will NOT need vehicle reservations
map of the going to the sun road in glacier park and it's 3 main entrances
Canva//National Park Service Glacier National Park

Keep In Mind, Reservations Are For One Day Only

Reservations will be good for one day of entry, not 3 like in previous years.  Data showed that only 2 percent of visitors used their pass for all three days.

How To Make Your Reservations For Glacier

You can log on to, you can call (877) 444-6777 , internationally (606) 515-6777 , and TDD (877) 833-6777.  No one way to make a reservation will give you an advantage.

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