Conspiracy Theories Go NUTS During An Eclipse

Duck theory

Here are some I saw randomly on the internet:

  • Massive human sacrifice From IFL Science: "overlaying the path of totality of the 2017 total eclipse with the 2024 total solar eclipse forms an X near the New Madrid fault line. If something were to trigger that fault line, something man-made they could make look completely natural, it could mean a serious loss of life disaster for the US."
  • Wired says: a group of “elites” is using the event as cover to impose new controls on the population. This makes more sense than killing everyone.  What people who say everyone is going to get killed to serve the elite don't realize, if everyone gets killed, there will be no one left to serve the elite.
  • From Wired: “Masonic rituals planned worldwide to usher in New World Order.”
  • Marjorie Taylor Greene warned Americans to repent because there was an earthquake and eclipse in a matter of days.  Ok, it's not 1525. What's next? Burning witches, Marjorie?
  • Alex Jones, of course.  I'm not going to give that wing nut any more air than mentioning one of the biggest liars America has ever seen, when talking about big lies in America.
  • And another from Wired: Health Ranger from Telegram says “sure would be the perfect cover story if our terrorist government wanted to take down the power grid and cause mass chaos while blocking all citizen communications. Kinda convenient if you want to declare martial law and unleash a dictatorship before Trump can win in November.”
  • Cern will be fired up during the eclipse to open a portal
conspiracy theory

I guess I'm just living an oblivious life not believing that the new world order wants to have a mass sacrifice near Madrid while the elite in America take down the power grid to make sure that Joe Biden remains president in perpetuity, all during an eclipse that literally lasts under 5 minutes.

How can I BE so naïve?

I waited to publish until after the eclipse.  NONE of these things happened.

Look:  These are LIES 👎👎👎👎

Do Not Believe These Eclipse Conspiracy Theories

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