Central Montana Election Results (preliminary) November 8, 2023

Great Falls, Montana had a pretty important election on November 7, 2023.  On the ballot was everything from the mayor and commissioners to levies and bonds.  In Cascade and Belt some other big decisions needed to be made by the citizens of those Montana towns.

The hottest topic on the ballot?  I believe it was the safety levy.  The safety levy in Great Falls has been a major talking point in the Electric City for quite some time.  I've heard people talking about it on the streets, and I've spoken with leaders from our police and fire departments about how much they feel the levy is needed.  Honestly, I didn't think it would pass, just from what I've been hearing.

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Let's get on with the preliminary results.

From The Electric:

Preliminary Election Results:

The elections won't be finalized for about 2 weeks so the county can canvas and certify the results.

Great Falls

Mayor of Great Falls:

Joe McKenney: 2,760

Cory Reeves: 5,739

Casey Schreiner: 4,796

Abby Brown: 905

Commissioners of Great Falls (2 seats open)

Eric Hinebauch: 5,912

Rick Tryon: 6,664

Micaela Stroop: 3,112

Shannon Wilson: 5,985

Kendall Cox: 2,262

Municipal Court Department A

Steve Bolstad: 11,849

Municipal Court Department B

Mark Dunn: 8,545

Cayle Halberg: 3,846

Public Safety Levy

Yes: 5,620

No: 9,095

Public Safety Bond

Yes: 6,726

No: 7,925

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Ward 1

Write-in: 44

Ward 2:

Duane Miller: 8

Becky Mital Gorton: 16

Robert Williams: 6

Ward 3:

Harley Gorton: 9

Paul Heikkila: 32


Ward 1:

Ralph Schneider: 55

Ward 1, two year

Write-in: 49

Ward 2:

Karin Huelsman: 18

Becca Wood: 30

Thank you to The Electric for your timely and accurate reporting.

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