Why haven't we, earthlings, been formally visited by Aliens?

Living in Montana, where there has been a large amount of alien activity recorded, and the movie ET, have left me waiting for the moment most of my life.  The answer, of course, can only be theorized right now.  The scientific community does have a few theories I thought we'd explore today.

 Fermi paradox (Salon.com)

Theory:  We're still just too stupid

This really is a theory.  As a radio announcer that likes to read and watch space stuff, it's my main theory as well.  We were visited by enough aliens in the 60's that you'd think they'd have introduced themselves.  In fact, the first article I wrote for the radio stations was about alien visits in our area.

Some in the scientific community theorize that we're not advanced enough, that we're too violent, or they JUST DON'T CARE about the Earth.  Ever wonder what other planets call Earth?  Me, too, but I'm getting off topic.

Theory:  They're Too Far Away

Like the Eleventh Doctor says, "The universe is big. It's vast and complicated and... ridiculous"

Some theorize, like in this video, that it's very unique for a planet to live in a sweet spot by their sun, like Earth, and there may not be that many of us.  If they ARE out there, it could take hundreds or even thousands of years to get to earth. Maybe they're on their way, but it will literally take generations of their species to travel through space to get to Earth.

About the video, there's a part two after this one AND if you're a Doctor Who fan, you just might spot a Dalek in there.  Cool.

Theory:  They're all dead

This is the most depressing of the theories.  Some theorize that after a civilization gets to a certain point with technology and using natural resources, that the planets and its inhabitants die.  Kind of like what they warn us will happen with Global warming.

Regardless of what your theory is, my theory is, or science's theory is, we won't know until we talk to them and get the story.

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