I've heard stories since I was a kid about people in our area seeing UFOs, fairly regularly, in the 60's. Especially around Malmstrom Air Force Base.  Some swore it was real, others swore it was a hoax.  All I knew then, it's scary.  Now, as an adult, I can actually research what went on, and with the combo of the government finally releasing their UFO files and all the talk of space this week, it was time we got some real details from someone that was actually here when it happened.

According to an interview done by the Great Falls Tribune, misileer Robert Salas saw it with his own eyes in March of 1967.  Salas said, "They told me about strange lights in the sky, I thought they were pulling my leg."  He goes on to say, the second call, "he was clearly frightened, extremely frightened. He was looking right at the thing, a glowing red object, oval-shaped and some 40 feet in diameter, and it was hovering above the front gate.”  What's really bothersome is that they ordered him to sign an NDA the next day.  Salas said that haunted him for years and "“It was an unidentified flying object that nobody could explain. To this day,” he says. “The Air Force investigated this secretly, I believe through 1972. I think this thing was not of this earth. I’m convinced it was not built here, because it was able to send signals to each of our missiles separately. The guidance and control equipment was upset in each one.”

There's other lore in Great Falls that says UFOs were right by the ballpark, hence the name "The Voyagers".

Great Falls and Central Montana have a rich UFO sighting history, and it's surprisingly easy to find.  No matter if you believe, somehow, that Earth is the only planet with life on it or that they're out there somewhere, the James Webb Telescope is showing us all that space is so much more than we know.  And I mean from just last week!

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