With what seems like everyone moving to Montana, I thought it would be fun to do a quiz, just to see how Montana you really are.  Give yourself a point for each time you answer yes.

  • When someone says they're "Going to the Park for the weekend", you say which one
  • You're so used to the 2 finger wave when you're driving, you have to consciously back off it when you're out of state
  • You know exactly how to pronounce Choteau, Pondera, Havre, Teton and Helena
  • You just laugh when someone says they want to be a cowboy like on Yellowstone
  • You've been swimming in/fishing at, at least, one reservoir
  • You've been to Yellowstone and Glacier so many times, you have your own "spot" and you're not sharing
  • When someone says it's August, you know that's code for Huckleberry season
  • You fight someone who says it's ok to root for the Bobcats AND the Grizzlies 
  • You know exactly who Charlie Russell is
  • You know the difference between oysters and Rocky Mountain oysters
  • You order a red beer no matter where you are, sometimes just to see the look on a bartender's face.
  • In that same sense you've ordered a ditch.
  • You fight your friends for the gold Busch Light can
  • You use the time it takes to get there, not the miles
  • You feel the speed limit signs are suggestions
  • You grew up travelling with $5 bills in your wallet so you could speed all you wanted.
  • You learned to swim by your parents throwing you off the boat into a lake
  • You learned to drive at a very young age to help move machinery
  • You watch the news for the day they open the Going to the Sun Road
  • You know what a Brookie is and you think they're delicious

How many did you get?

1-4 You must be a tourist

5-8 You just moved here a year or so ago

9-12 You spend summers in Montana on a relative's ranch/farm

13-16 You've lived in Montana for awhile now

17-20 Montanan born and raised

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