Bruno The Grizzly Bear passes away at Zoo Montana.

According to reports from Billings at Zoo Montana, long time icon Bruno the Grizzly Bear passed away Thursday morning after dealing with various health issues to severe to manage.

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Everyone was very devastated to tell the public the news their beloved grizzly bear friend had passed on, he was believed to be over 23 years old when he crossed the rainbow bride and say he will be missed. They say that some of the ailments Bruno suffered were from complications in health he had when he was owned privately as a cub.

ZooMontana Curator Travis Goebel spoke to Q2 News:

Due to his inadequate nutrition and care as a young bear, we were pretty certain he wouldn’t see a typical Zoo bear lifespan of 30+, however, we are thrilled that we got the 15 years we did with him. Our caregivers and veterinarians have done a great job providing him exceptional care over that time”, said Goebel. He added, “Not only was he an incredible ambassador for his species, but he is truly loved by the community

According to Q2 News, The zoo is keeping a special eye on Bruno's roommate Ozzy. After losing his best buddy, keppers want to give Ozzy extra special attention and gifts to help him cope with the loss.

They also add that Ozzy truly loves companionship and the zoo vows to take on more new bear cubs to help Ozzy with some new friends to have around.

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