We have high gas prices in Montana?

Whoa, you don't say...

For a few years the country has been experiencing fairly high gas prices, I'm not sure if it's something we will ever get used to, but all the same, we need it for vehicles and you can count on the pumps being busy around here until a viable electric car is presented.

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Have you ever thought about how gas is priced here compared to the rest of the country? Sure, you see on new reports about the prices in California and even in other countries. However, I never think about other places like in the south and the east coast. I'm just staring at that ugly number on the sign.


Does anyone know why gas prices in Montana are so high?

There's a post on r/montana on reddit and a person asks that same question.

Does anyone know why our gas is so much more expensive than most the US?
byu/LawrenceofUranus inMontana

This map is showing average price comparisons of gasoline from around the country. Montana does not come out on top, however it seems a little too close for comfort.

I can understand California being through the roof, but what about other bigger cities like New York, Chicago, or parts of Florida? What about Texas, everything is bigger in Texas!

Guess to why this is range from crude oil processing and it's cost, as well as regional proximity to sources. One fairly accurate looking answer from reddit says that cost is broken up into percentages:

Fuel prices are part of what I do at work. The simple answer is about 60% market forces, 40% "because we can".

Does that seem like a viable answer to you? Let us know in comments on social media.

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