I know, kind of a weird question when it comes to an operational vehicle question in Montana.

However, in our state, anywhere I go I see questionable vehicles driving on the road everywhere including in front of traffic law enforcement and nothing happens.

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Any and all widows out, no hoods, no doors I've seen everything.

Things I've seen the most are back windows and windshields missing. I've always wondered how someone operates a vehicle in inclement weather like the dead of winter and how they are not ordered off the road.

Does one actually need a windshield in Montana? Is it illegal to not have one?

I would say for safety sake, yes. One needs a windshield, but can you get fined for not having one or having a cracked windshield?

Suprisingly, Yes and No.

According to Montana code 61-9-405.

Windshields required, exception -- unobstructed and equipped with wipers -- window tinting and sunscreening -- restrictions -- exemptions. (1) A motor vehicle, except a motorcycle, quadricycle, motor-driven cycle, or farm tractor, must be equipped with a front windshield meeting the requirements of 61-9-408, unless the driver wears safety glasses, goggles, or face shields at all times during the operation of the motor vehicle.

Cracked windshields are another story, according to the same code:

A person may not drive a motor vehicle with: a windshield that is shattered or in such a defective condition that it materially impairs or obstructs the driver's clear view.

Cracks in the windshield can usually slide if it isn't too bad and no obstructing views.

If you do not have a windshield, make sure you have your protective eye equipment.

Drive safe out there.

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