June Is Pride Month

Pride month is coming up in a couple of weeks, and celebrations are going to be going on all over Montana and America.

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Bomb Threats Are Already Happening In Montana

According to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, a local media organization in Bozeman got an email about threats to bomb two businesses.  One was on East Main Street and the other West Kagy Boulevard in Bozeman.

Those areas were shut down by local law enforcement, and interviews were made.  The threats were found to be a hoax. More threats were made on both Saturday and Sunday.  The Federal Bureau of Investigation said that similar threats were made all over the United States over the weekend.

Pride flags

Threats Of Violence Seem To Go Hand-In-Hand With Pride

Last year in Bozeman, a group of white supremacists showed up to protest the pride event. The counter protest is something we've come to expect in America.  It's when it comes with threats of violence that they cross the line from being free speech.

Why Is It Almost Always A Bomb Threat?

From everything I've gathered, it seems to be an attempt to scare people out of attending these events.

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What Can We Do?

No matter where you are in Montana, if you see something, say something. If you run across literature or social media posts threatening the LGBTQ+ community, pass it along to local law enforcement.

Pride celebrations are fun and joyous events.  Check out these fabulous pictures from the Pride celebration last year in Missoula.

Pride in Missoula

Thousands turned out for Pride weekend in Missoula to celebrate diversity, equality and dignity.

Gallery Credit: William Munoz/Missoula Current

Billings Pride, 2022

Billings Pride Parade 2022

406 Pride is the sponsor of this yearly event in Downtown Billings, ending under Skypoint, followed by a celebration.

Gallery Credit: Josh Rath


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