I wonder if you've ever asked this question at the pump before. I know I have, many times.

Montana collectively loves to keep the engine running at the gas station, it's understandable. It gets wicked cold out during the winter months and with old vehicles, it can take a lot of fuel to start it back up, and during the winter starting can be a gamble within it's self.

I've witnessed a few vehicles in my day fuel up with the engine running, and always asked if they were allowed to do so. I got half shrugs and half said "don't care" or "mind your own business". Next time I won't bug anyone about it and just make distance from the pump.


So, is it illegal to pump gas while the engine is running??

I searched around to find answers.

Napa Auto Parts seem to have a lot of information on this subject and it seems that it's NOT ILLEGAL to pump gas while you vehicle is running:

Technically the answer is you can. The reason is simple: Directing gas into a fuel tank while a car is running is harmless, provided that there isn’t a spark nearby. Indeed, watch a NASCAR or IndyCar race, and that is exactly how pit crews refuel — with the race car running.

They elaborate that it's probably not a good idea to leave your car running while doing so however. According to Napa there are a number of things going on in a vehicle while it's running like, electrical charges, engine cylinders firing, static electricity, etc.

Not to mention that it's posted everywhere for a vehicle to be shut off while fueling, Napa says that service centers consider it a liability considering that many factors can lead to an explosion.


It may not be illegal to perform this action, it just might be a good idea to shut the vehicle down while fueling up for that next adventure.

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