I got to work late today, and I was going to treat myself to a nice iced coffee before I went to the station.

As I was pulling up to the Starbucks in the mall parking lot, I was THRILLED that no one was in line.  I simply couldn't believe my luck.  (Before you blast me for not drinking locally, I have an affinity for that store as my youngest daughter worked her way through beauty school as a barista there.) Then poof, bubble burst.  There IS NO Starbucks in the mall parking lot anymore.

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Then it hit me, instead of adding more Starbucks to Great Falls, they moved this store to the new Starbucks in the old China Buffet location.  A bit surprising as it seems like more and more coffee shops are popping up every day here.  Just NOT by the radio station.

Now, the new Starbucks has some REAL Montana competition.  They've moved right into the belly of the coffee beast.  In a few blocks, you could choose True Brew, YUM, City Brew, YUM, or Morning Light Coffee Roasters YUM, plus, my step-son used to work there.

Since the Starbucks moved out of the store I loved, I don't know when I'll have a Starbucks again unless I'm in Target or Albertsons.  If I can choose one of the above instead, a locally owned business is going to win every time.

Speaking of which, I happen to know of a cute little coffee shop in a fairly sweet location that's just sitting empty.  With the influx of all the new shops, maybe one of you shop owners could see your way to giving the radio station a convenient coffee shop again. And if I could be so bold, this state would LOVE Dutch Brothers.  I drank that s**t every day when I lived in Oregon.

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