Have You Done One of These 10 Rude Things at a Great Falls Restaurant?

Despite almost four decades of being on the airwaves of radio stations, it was by far not the first or even second job that I have had through the years.  Far, far from it.  Sort of a jack of all trades, master of none of them kind of guy.


Each job had merits and demerits to them.  But the one that had to be one of the worst was that of working in the food industry.  Although, any type of job where you deal with the public on a constant basis can be horrible.  And people are just plain rude.

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It Isn't Just Great Falls That This Will Happen to a Server in a Restaurant

And it isn't centered on one particular profession in the service industry either.  Any form of retail sales will ultimately lead to a rude person or two.  Or five.  But for this article, we'll focus on the restaurants in our area that deal with rudeness, day in and day out.


That rudeness can extend in many forms.  Ever had someone "snap" their fingers at you to get your attention or to wait on them?  Or just simply refuse to pay the bill?  Oftentimes, much of that rudeness isn't the fault of the server.  It's the customer.

I Really, Really Hope I Never Have to Work Those Jobs Again, Anytime Soon

As mentioned earlier in the article, I've worn a few different hats in the retail or food services.  Be it dishwasher or busboy, greeter n' seater to the short order cook making your meal in the back.


I've seen buses of tourists hit the parking lot 15 minutes before close and want to be served.  I've flipped over the chair at a table of two to signify we were closed to no avail.

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What is the rudest thing to happen to you while working in a restaurant?  Have you seen rude behavior?  Hit us up with the app chat feature, our social media comments or send us an email here and tell us your story.

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