Is This the Worst Brand of Bacon in Montana Too?

It has probably been said before, but I am going to say it again.

"Bacon is the duct tape of the food world."


I'm serious.  Is there anything that bacon cannot or has not made better in our lives when it comes to the food chain?  C'mon, how many of you would really be eating asparagus if it wasn't wrapped in bacon and cooked on the BBQ grill?

Wait A Second, There Is Bad Bacon on Montana Store Shelves?

A recent headline that caught my eye from 24/7 Wall St. left me astonished.  "7 Brands of Bacon to Avoid" really had me going.  There is bad bacon out there?  It's bacon!  There is no way that there are bad brands of bacon.


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Now, I will admit that there are bacon brands out there that maybe aren't using the best cut of the pig, but it is still bacon.  Unless of course you start to throw in weird flavors of bacon, then all bets are off.

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What Are the Qualifications to Be Considered Bad Bacon?

In the article, it is stated that bad bacon, or in this case the worst you could choose, relied on flavor, fat to meat ratio, smokiness and saltiness.  In consulting blogs, reviews and more, these are the brands that you shouldn't be buying and serving on your table according to them:

  • Turkey Bacon
attachment-NOT Bacon!

Alright.  I kind of agree in this instance.  Show me on the turkey where it comes from.  It isn't there.  Turkey bacon was originated in the 80's by scientists.

Wright Brand website
Wright Brand website

I have to disagree on this one.  At least for the selections that come to Montana shelves, in my experience.  Oftentimes this is the only choice to make when you look over the others that are available.

As someone who prefers a little bit of a thicker cut of bacon, this brand is generally on the lower list of acceptable.

Hormel is a household name, at least for me.  But their bacon is lackluster at best.  Poor fat/meat ratio and for being flavored, it has a somewhat flat taste to it.

  • Walmart Great Value Brand Bacon - Various Flavors

There are just certain things that you don't skimp on in life.  Shoes, sunglasses, and your selection of meat products.  While the big box store brand might offer a price break, the results won't be favorable when you look in the frying pan.

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What about you?  What are your favorite brands or brand of bacon?  Or do you prefer to go to a local butcher to get the best?

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