Back in November 2023 CNN reported that there were some major retailers that will be removing most, if not all, self checkout kiosks in their stores.

woman getting money out of wallet at self check out with a baby in her cart

Why The Sudden Backlash From Stores?

The retailers talking about removing self checkout in November were Walmart, ShopRite, Wegmens, and Costco.  Some retailers admit that their customers miss checking out with a checker, but the real reason is deception (like using your friend's Costco Club Card) and shop-lifting.

For example, Costco is adding more staff to self-checkout because they found non-members checking out with members cards.  Shoplifting is also an issue.  The final issue in the CNN article is that some items have multiple bar codes, and don't ring up properly if the wrong bar code is used, so the store may not get the right price on the item.

Are More Self Check Outs Going To Be Removed?

Walmart, Target, Lowes and Dollar General are all talking about scaling back even more.  What I find most comical about the whole thing is this comment from Dollar General CEO Todd Vasos.  Keep in mind, Dollar General took to self check out like flies on honey and they currently run their stores on skeleton staffs.  This is what Vasos said to shareholders on an earnings call in December:

We had started to rely too much this year on self-checkout in our stores, we should be using self-checkout as a secondary checkout vehicle, not a primary.

Basically, TODD, people are good, total self service is bad.


hand scanning strawberries at self check out

What Do You Think?

I'm one of the people that LOVES self-checkout.  I do not like small talk and I find it a bit intrusive that someone knows everything I'm buying.

If you're planning on ranting about how everyone hates self-checkout, shut it, likely Boomer.  (It's people in the demographic labeled boomers that like self check-out the least.) Lending Tree did a survey where 96% of Americans have used self check-out and find it convenient.  When it comes to self check-out, it's mostly just socially cooler to SAY you hate it.

Let me know what you think.  Hit me up here

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