There Are So Many Good Restaurants In Montana

Under Montana's big sky are some real gems when it comes to eating out.  In Great Falls alone, we have AMAZING places to eat, and we're adding more every day.  Just recently, Nick Northern did a great story on 20 restaurants that are worth an hour or more drive.

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How To Tell If You're At A Great Montana Restaurant

There are red flags to look for when choosing a new restaurant.  Reader's Digest put together a terrific article on the red flags of a bad restaurant. It's a great read full of good tips.

a big group of red flags

I'm not sure if I'd dismiss a restaurant because an employee seems to be having a bad day (for the love of Pete, servers are humans, things happen.), or they have a lot of themes.  Maybe I'm misunderstanding the theme thing, but place like Roadhouse Diner in Great Falls have themes a lot, and I'd eat there any time.

Cleanliness is where the Reader's Digest Article really hit home to me.  Whether it's the bathrooms, things on the tables like salt and pepper shakers, and even the parking lot. If a restaurant doesn't take pride in the clean you can see walking in, what in the funky fresh is that kitchen like?

busy restaurant kitchen

They missed one REALLY big thing for me, is everyone's hair tied back or under some kind of a scarf.  One hair, even my own, ruins a meal for me.  It actually makes me gag.

So while you travel around Montana trying all of our amazing restaurants, keep these red flags in mind:

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