Throughout the year, lists of the most popular names surface, as well as lists of names that are losing their popularity.

Today published an article full of names that they think will rise in popularity in 2024.  They give no basis as to exactly why they think the names will trend, except for what they see happening now, and expect to continue in the future.

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It looks like one trend I've noticed the last couple of years will continue.  The bringing back of old names.  I'm not saying it's bad, but we're seeing names like Martha, Winnie, and Wyatt make a comeback.  Just as long as we don't go down the Mabel and Lambert train.  That was the name of my paternal grandparents.  Could they BE any more old fashioned?

See Montana's Most Popular Baby Names For 2023

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A trend for young boys is the short cowboy like names such as Tate. They're calling them neo-western names. Now we're also seeing a resurgence of nature inspired names.  I like how flower names like Poppy are coming back into style along with naturey names like Sage and Dove.

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Montana Inspired  Baby Names That Don't Suck. Check It Out

Below, there is a list of the 30 names that Today expects loads of 2024 babies to be called.  While you can use this list for inspiration, you can also use the list for caution.  Being named what everyone else is named is not really that cool.  I can tell you stories of being one of 5 or 7 Tammies in my graduating class.  My daughter, Taylor, can tell you how much she HATES having a unisex name that was one of the most popular for her generation.  And then there are the people with a name so unique, it's embarrassing for them.

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Predictions For Top Baby Names In 2024

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