Having a baby is a huge momentous occasion in a persons life. There is lots to plan for as well. You've got all the clothes to buy, the car seat, and can't forge the diapers....soooo many diapers. Perhaps you are painting a nursery, so you have got to pick out the colors. There is something else you need to pick out as well, a name.

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Picking out a name might be the most important thing you do when it comes to your new baby. Colors in a nursery can be repainted, but a name is a lifelong commitment. Thankfully in Montana we have got some great people, places and things to name your baby after.


There are names that work for boys, and names that work for girls. If you are someone who does not want to know the sex of your baby until it's arrived, we've got unisex names that can work as well.

The other good thing about these names is we tried to keep them pretty standard.  These are names you might already know someone who has one of these names. What you won't find are any odd spellings, or names that your child would have to explain down the road. Yes we are shaming you for naming your child Daenerys. Sorry, not sorry.


So if you are having a baby soon, or you just want to have a name ready to go for when you are ready to have a baby, check out the gallery below.

30 Authentic Montana-Insipired Baby Names That Don't Suck

When it comes to names, Montana has some great people, places, and things to name your baby after. We've got boys, girls and unisex names for you to choose from below!

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